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Al Thumama Stud

Al-Meslemani Family
Doha, Qatar (view map)

Hilke De Bruycker, Farm Manager
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By age six Dana Al Meslemani started taking lessons at the riding school of Al Shaqab Stud in Qatar. Every time she went, she would pass the paddocks of grazing legends. This is how she envisioned fairytale horses. They were, for her, the epitome of ultimate beauty and the reason why her heart would skip a beat for no reason at all. Dana was so enchanted that every single free second she had, she would go and admire them. And so it began…Located in Qatar, Al Thumama Stud has been quietly amassing an outstanding collection of Arabian horses that are competing at the highest levels of competition around the world. From Scottsdale, to Europe’s finest shows, along with the competitive Middle East show circuit.

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