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Prestige Farms

Irwin Schimmel
Hillsboro, Oregon (view map)

Telephone: (360) 256-9432
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One of the finest English Performance breeding programs in the world, Prestige Farms, located in Hillsboro, Oregon, represents generations of success in the show arena with the “PF” prefixed horses winning the highest honours. Owner and breeder extraordinaire, Irwin Schimmel, has carefully and selectively perfected a breeding program that continues to make an indelible impact on the Arabian & Half-Arabian English division. From the breeding shed, to the show arena – Prestige Farm and the Schimmel family is no stranger to the Arabian, Half-Arabian, & Saddlebred world. A very fine selection of sale horses always available for your consideration.

Photo Gallery

Sale Horses


Italia CCF

(HA Toskcan Sun+ x MZ Kitty)

2013 Purebred Chestnut Mare more


Ballroom Blitz PF

(Mamage x B Witched )

2013 Purebred Chestnut Mare more


Evening Wheir

(Afires Heir x HDC Walentyna)

2012 Purebred Chestnut Mare more


Beverly Hills Barbie

(Afire Bey x Bint Barbary)

2010 Purebred Bay Mare more