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Vegaz & The Vegaz Partners

Ken Knipe & Doug Schultz
Palmyra, Pennsylvania (view map)

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During the nationals, Ken Knipe, Doug Schultz, and Chris Wilson began to develop a plan to form a partnership that would bring Vegaz back to the care of his former trainer, Chris. It was a move that cemented a longtime friendship between the three men. All three have been involved with the horse from the beginning and Chris is grateful to have Vegaz back home again. “This is a reunion of friends,” he says, “brought together through this special horse. We all love him and appreciate him.”


Doug Schultz explains, “Our wonderful friendship definitely is the story. I knew Chris, and when I bred my first mare to Vegaz in 2008, my friendship with Ken got started. We’re excited about the Vegaz offspring that are making their names as show horses. It’s been very rewarding for those of us who have been fans of his for a long time and he is the catalyst for why we put the partnership together.” Ken Knipe couldn’t agree more. “Because of this amazing stallion, I have had many great friends brought into my life,” he relates. “Our new collaboration cements two of my closest friends into a partnership, and now the three of us get to cheer on the Vegaz offspring at shows together. Nothing could be better!”


Doug recalls how a conversation between friends changed everything. “We were sitting together this year in Tulsa,” he says, “going over the possibilities of putting a partnership together and bringing him back home to CSP, not only for us to enjoy and to breed, but to elevate the awareness of what Vegaz is doing as a sire. Now that it’s a reality, I really can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed these last weeks,” says Doug. “The opportunity for the three of us to work together again is absolutely wonderful. It’s kept us smiling for a lot of days!”


No doubt as the next generations of his descendants hit the show ring, Vegaz will keep the three men, and all of his other fans, smiling for many years to come.

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