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Creative Media

Braden Davidson Productions

Internationally recognized for his unique and artistic approach,  Braden Davidson has traveled the world over photographing and videoing some of the most beautiful and decorated Arabian horses. His work has appeared on the cover of some of the most celebrated publications, throughout the internet, and video productions capturing the majestic beauty of the Arabian horse through and through. Privately booking select farm shoots in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

Breed Organizations

Spotlight Futurity Program

A sophisticated, no-nonsense program, Spotlight Stallions takes itself seriously and consequently, so does everyone else. Its foundation is a combination of a small Board made up of savvy horsemen and Arabian horse breeders, and a group of noteworthy stallions that represents breeding farms from southern Florida to upstate New York; from northern California to Saskatoon.

Arabian Horse Association

Enter a world where the time you spend with an Arabian horse is the best part of your day. With 37,000 members, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) provides many opportunities for you to tap into the Arabian horse lifestyle. AHA is a full-service breed association and registry for owners of Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses.

World Arabian Horse Organization

From the inception of WAHO it was apparent that one of the most important and needed objects as stated in the WAHO Constitution was to “maintain throughout the world the purity of the blood of the horses of the Arabian breed.”