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Hennessey Arabians… a magical place!

Hennessey Arabians has captured the heart and wonder of nearly every person that has visited since its inception in 2007. Frank Hennessey’s dream of building a ‘heaven for horses’ has been realized, while the unexpected consequence of his effort has turned the 93-acre farm into a place that many now refer to as HennesseyLand, a magical kingdom for those who are inspired by their love of the horse.


Hennessey Arabians is known as one of the top Arabian horse breeding farms in the Southeast Region, located in the heart of the “Horse Capital of the World” Ocala, Florida. In 2007, Ocala/Marion County was officially named the “Horse Capital of the World™,” a testament to the County’s unique involvement in all things equestrian and its record of producing some of the finest champions in the country. With a beautiful, mild climate all year long and soil rich with limestone calcium for strong bones, Ocala is home to more horses than anywhere else in the country.


The Hennessey breeding program was founded on the bloodlines of the pure Polish and Polish related halter horses and has beautifully transformed into a program that offers a horse for every home and a home for every horse. In 2014, Frank acquired full ownership of the Regional and National winning English Pleasure and Park stallion, H Mobility H. A number of mares were purchased to produce top English Pleasure offspring as well as a few Saddlebreds to begin the Half Arabian English division of Hennessey Arabians. Late in 2014 the Jaipur Initiative was formed for the double Ali Jamaal bred stallion, Jaipur el Perseus. The foundation of the Hennessey herd was built on Polish bloodlines because conformation, structure and athleticism which was of the utmost importance to Frank and Farm Manager and advisor, George Z. The introduction of other bloodlines such as Jaipur el Perseus into the program has created an enhancement of refinement and beauty to the Polish foundation. As a result of the quality Hennessey bred foals sired by Jaipur, Hennessey Arabians has experienced tremendous growth in the International Arabian horse community.


When asked what event in the Southeast has had the most impact on the farm, Frank responded, “The Region XII Championships and Spotlight Futurity is a major event for the Hennessey program, as is the Thanksgiving Show in Tampa. I have been particularly influenced by the camaraderie, support and respect for each others programs displayed by breeders and competitors at these shows. As the founder of the popular Weanling class at the Thanksgiving show that offers breeders an opportunity to showcase their foals with no pressure, no posing, and no hard stand up, I look forward to the show each year. Mike Wilson, Peri Wilson, and Mary Trowbridge have played valuable roles in the success of our horses at these events, including our title as the Spotlight Breeder of Distinction for 3 years in a row.” The Breeder of Distinction award is one that Frank refers to as the highest honor and recognition of the Hennessey program. Region 12 is the largest geographical region in the country. It creates an opportunity for breeders to compete against some of the world’s finest Arabian horses, while the Spotlight Futurity encourages all breeders to participate by rewarding stallion owners as well as breeders when they get involved in the program. The ever-growing payouts, recognition of breeders, and quality stallions has made it a very important program for the Arabian community as a whole.


In January of 2016, Hennessey Arabians stepped out of the box and held an online auction of some of their quality breeding stock. Inspired by Frank’s mantra, “a horse for every home and a home for every horse,” the project was an effort to reach a market that is otherwise hard to conquer. What set the idea apart was, the horses were auctioned online without the use of traditional Arabian horse auction companies, there were no reserves set and the bulk of the horses offered were proven breeding stock and/or show horses. The team brainstormed about ways to break the traditional mindset that online auctions are for “throw away” horses that an owner or breeder found no value in. Frank is proud of every horse he breeds and strongly believes that each of them holds value to someone, be it a foundation to a future breeding program or a best friend to someone in need. His desire to reach others with his infectious love of the Arabian horse inspired the team to hold an online auction with quality horses available at affordable prices all over the world. There is nothing more satisfying to Frank and his team than to see Hennessey bred horses excelling with their new owners. The entire team at Hennessey Arabians shares a common goal – to share the love of the Arabian horse across the globe. The powerful emotion that an Arabian horse calls to the surface of people from all walks of life remains a mystery to those who have not experienced it. Arabians speak to our hearts, nurture our souls and lovingly guide us through difficult situations.


During the 2013 Arabian Celebration Show in Kentucky, Kimberly Marie Jarvis, the Arabian Celebration Show Committee and Pat and Mary Trowbridge arranged a visit to the Home of the Innocents in Louisville, with Hennessey’s own, Miz Vogue VA. Home of The Innocents offers a safe haven for at-risk children; pediatric medical care; clinical treatment services and therapeutic loving foster and adoption services. When the organizers of the Home of the Innocents shared that some of the children would not be able to attend the show, the ACS took the show to them. It was an opportunity for these fantastic children to meet, touch and connect with an Arabian horse! The excitement in these children’s’ eyes when Miz Vogue dropped her head in their arms was astonishing. Everyone was moved to emotion beyond explanation as she made her way around the circle of children, one by one allowing each of them to touch and kiss her. The expression in her eye was soft and kind as if she had a complete understanding for the hardships these children have faced and what it meant to them to be in her presence.


A few years ago Frank invited a friend and his wife to visit the farm with their daughter Belle on her birthday weekend. Belle has Autism. On a routine tour of the farm Frank pointed out a mare that would likely give birth some time in the night. Belle was eager to be awakened if it were in fact to happen. At three in the morning, Frank awakened the family to witness the birth. Belle watched with wonder as the universe presented her with this beautiful little miracle. Thus began Belle’s love affair with the world of horses. As soon as she returned home she asked if she could have one of her own. Months later, Frank thought of Belle after spending time with a four-year-old Arabian gelding with one of the most loving personalities he’d ever come across. Belle’s parents accepted a generous gift of this kind young gelding to Belle. His forever friend and companion, Belle, refers to him as ‘Romeo’. Watching Belle and Romeo bond has been one of the most rewarding experiences of Franks’ life.


These stories only the scrape the surface of endless emotional moments cherished by the Hennessey team. Hennessey Arabians will be hosting seminars at the farm with the intent of sharing the history, lifestyle and passion of the Arabian horse, near the end of 2017. The goal will be to provide visitors with a unique glimpse at the lifestyle we so deeply enjoy and to introduce Arabian horses to the vast number of visitors that tour the farm located in the heart of the ‘Horse Capital of the World’.


They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’… Frank’s dream of building this spectacular ‘haven for horses’, now lovingly referred to as HennesseyLand, has been in business for 10 years. 100 horses sold, countless lives touched, and an undeniable passion for the love of the horse has indeed made Hennessey Arabians a most ‘magical kingdom.’


Whether you are interested in owning, breeding, showing or just enjoying Arabians, please plan to visit. Our farm is open for those who want to experience it in person.

If you are new to Arabians, we have answers. If you’re an experienced Arabian horse aficionado and want to Browse Our Stables, go right ahead.


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