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Love and passion that is Jade Creek Arabians

It wasn’t until one of my first trips to Santa Ynez back in 2008 that I visited the Jade Creek Arabians and Mr. Manny Lawrence. It was a visit I can still remember to this day. Manny was very welcoming and very gracious with his time – he loves walking his farm and showing his horses. Horse after horse that came out to be presented — you could see just how incredibly proud of his program Manny was.


For many years, I’ve always admired the JCA program and the thoughtfulness that has gone into each breeding decision. Manny’s Jade Creek program is so versatile in that he has strived to breed horses that are not only very beautiful, but who are also extremely athletic. You don’t need me to tell you if this has worked — the numerous National championship, Top Tens, Regional Championships, Scottsdale roses, and numerous Class A show ribbons and trophies that line the Jade Creek office will suffice.


I hold Manny and his Jade Creek Arabians at the highest of levels and have collaborated on many projects together. From developing the website for Jade Creek Arabians to several photo and video shoots of Manny’s horses over the years – it can be arguably said that everything always turns out better than what was expected. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Jade Creek Arabians in Santa Ynez and seeing the horses develop and progress. From babies still on their mothers side, to presenting some of Manny’s horses in center ring — I’ve always come to expect high quality horses, enjoyment of friends, & fun times —I’ve yet to be disappointed.


Manny is a hands-on owner/breeder who enjoys participating in all aspects of the business. From the breeding and foaling barn to the show ring competing at the highest of levels – Manny and the Jade Creek Arabians have become synonymous with first class, friendship, and service you will not find anywhere else.


In April of this year, Manny told me he had the June cover for the Arabian Horse Times magazine and asked if I’d help him — there wasn’t even a second of hesitation. I hold Manny and his JCA program at the highest of levels, a breeding program producing beautiful halter horses that move on to be highly accomplished performance horses – something so very rare in today’s breeding of Arabian horses. A plane ride over to the Santa Ynez Valley early May and the rest is history, but captured through my lens. ”Brandon by Braden”, the June 2015 Arabian Horse Times cover, captures the stunning beauty of perhaps one of Manny’s greatest accomplishments as a breeder, the exceptional Brandon Bey JCA+. A multi-National Champion with Manny and a sire of exceptional quality, Brandon is a son of the great Versace and out of Hushahby Bey, by Bey Shah+.


Here’s to the great accomplishments of a dear friend, Mr. Manny Lawrence, and his years of hard work developing the Jade Creek Arabians. Thank you, Manny, for your continued support, and most importantly, your friendship – and thank you for all you do for the Arabian horse breed. Jade Creek Arabians, the horse for all reasons, and for all seasons.


Written by Braden Davidson


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