Arabian Horse Farms

Talaria Farms

Allison G. Mehta & Curt Westley
Newnan, Georgia (view map)

Phone: 770.251.7005 • Fax: 770.254.9684
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Located in the beautiful rolling countryside of Newnan, just 30 minutes south of Atlanta’s international airport, Talaria Farms breeds, manages, and offers world-class Arabian & Egyptian related horses and offers a unique experience for their owners. Talaria Farms stands some of the premier stallions in the world, including the U.S. Egyptian Event’s number one leading sire (2007 – 2017), Botswana as well as TF Royal Shahbaz. All of these stallions offer bloodlines to generations of brilliant Arabian show and breeding horses. In addition to specializing in a holistic approach to equine care, Talaria Farms’ breeding program continues to offer exceptional Straight Egyptian as well as Egyptian Sired and Related blood stock. 

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