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The Platinum one returns… Baanderos!

There is something magical that surrounds the platinum white stallion Baanderos – to narrow it down to one quality is beyond impossible. Born in 2005, it was apparent at his very early age that he possessed extraordinary qualities. Sired by the incomparable *Marwan Al Shaqab, who has surpassed and broken every single record in Arabian horse breeding, Baanderos inherited his sire’s style and eccentric show attitude. Incredibly athletic, Baanderos was gifted with stunning motion and movement. Impressive charisma, type, very well balanced body, well set on and elegant neck, along with his outstanding overall qualities are just saying it lightly. Having been in consistent show training since his earliest days, Baanderos always is ready to show. Very respectful, it is Baanderos’ character that also is very special. A sweet stallion without the the lack of masculinity of appearance or spirit.


If that wasn’t enough, it was through his dam – multi-international champion producing HB Bessolea (bred by Christine Bruce) – that blessed Baanderos with his type and fiery attitude. Bessolea is a daughter of the Parys El Jamaal son Besson Carol and out of the Enchanter Magic FHP daughter Credit To Society. HB Bessolea is an ethereal snow white mare who has produced champion Arabian horses on every single continent where Arabian horses are bred and showed – her most notable of course is the one and only Baanderos.


As a yearling, Baanderos’ first show ring appearance was the 2006 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show where he won champion honours in the extremely competitive Scottsdale Signature Yearling Colts. Purchased shortly after his championship win by HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud’s Al Khalediah Stables, it was only just the beginning for Baanderos of what was to come – and the opportunities he would have – to shine the world over.

Shortly after his arrival to Europe, Baanderos captured the Gold Champion title in Borgloon and it was there that the world heard the name Baanderos and felt the magic surrounding the one and only Baanderos. A short rest in 2007, Baanderos came back out to the International show arena in 2008 with unprecedented success by capturing the Gold Champion honours in Dubai, Menton, Towerlands, All Nations Cup, and the World Championships in Paris. Over the years, Baanderos has captured championship honours at the highest levels and in the highest regards. Everytime shown, Baanderos captures and mesmerizes both the crowd and the judges – not to mention the other handlers in the ring. His entrances are signature and once in the ring there is Baanderos and there are the other horses. It can be argued that Baanderos could hold the record of having more championship honours than any other horse. Ever. And this is quite a claim.


The visionary Sheik Mutlaq bin Mesharif, general manager of Al Khalediah Stables has long admired Baanderos and is one of his strongest supporters. It is through the collaboration of many that has allowed Baanderos to shatter records all over Europe, the Middle East, and the world for that matter. Of course, all this cannot be possible without the vision of HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud and his unwavering love of his Arabian horses and his dedication to the continuing evolution of Al Khalediah Stables.


Over the last years, it’s been quietly discussed on when the appropriate time would be to bring Baanderos back to the showring for “one last dance”… He’s been living the most luxurious life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Al Khalediah Stables and has kept his daily routine with a balanced mix of mental and physical stimulation. It is with great excitement that Baanderos will make a return at the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship this March. Baanderos will be shown by longtime partner and handler Mr. Philippe Hosay of Philippe Hosay Arabians from Belgium. Together they will take on the Dubai show ring as the recollection of memories of Baanderos’ previous gold championships echo. Join us, along with the rest of the world, in saluting what is one of the most special Arabian stallions in all of the world.


We love you, Baanderos.

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